How to configure multiple virtual applications in Azure App Service ?

  •  In Azure Portal create an App Service with the Runtime stack Node.
  • By default virtual path with / with Physical path site\wwwroot will be created.
  • In VS, Create 2 New Express App and Name it as Exp1 and Exp2.
  • In Azure Portal, add new Virtual Directories with name Exp1 and Exp2.

Make sure the App name and the Virtual path name are same.
In Azure App Service => Overview, you will find an option to download Publish Profile (Get publish profile).

In VS, Right Click on the Project folder (Exp1) which you want to Deploy and select Import Profile . In Browse option select the downloaded Publish Profile and Continue the next steps.
In Publish Connection settings, change the Sitename as below Save and Publish.
Repeat the same steps with App 2 (Exp2). You can see the Folders Exp1 and Exp2 with source files are created and wwwroot folder exists as well.

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