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ViASTUDY is constructing a large, comprehensive, and attractively written collection of tutorials.
ViASTUDY is a fastest growing and most trusted community site for any kind of Articles and Guides on the web. The most of the articles published here are comes directly from our readers like you.
Thus, we always encourage rising users to share their interesting howto’s, tricks and tips to our huge growing audience and in-return receive appreciations from our continuous growing loyal readers.
ViASTUDY was started on 16th October 2016 by technical professionals and all the articles are written by experienced, professionals around the globe, keeping in high importance on quality, comprehensiveness, and usefulness goes into each of the articles published. More than 20+ users have contributed to ViASTUDY (Our Top Contributors), and you could be one of them starting from today.

How you can become a ViASTUDY Member?

Anyone who having more than 1+ years of experience in Information Technology or Computer Science, can become a regular contributor at ViASTUDY. Before getting started, read some of our writing guidelines, which will guide you to get your first article published on this ever growing site.
  1. The article must contain at least 800 words and should cover how-to’s, guides, software reviews, tips & tricks and latest buzz about technology.
  2. Do not copy or post duplicate content or images from other sites, come up with your own content and ideas. If we found any evidence that the article or images taken from other online or offline sources, we will remove all your articles along with your profile from ViASTUDY.
  3. Once article published at ViASTUDY, you should not be reproduced anywhere else, even in your own blog/site before and after it is published. Plagiarism will not be accepted at any cost.
  4. Once article is published, reply to each question raised by readers on your article via comments. This way you will get more exposure to our ever increasing audience.
Note: You cannot produce article on any commercial software, If you do so, we may charge one time fee. For more info, contact us.

Why should you publish article at ViASTUDY?

ViASTUDY has seen some phenomenal growth and our articles read by more than 1.5 million users monthly. Here is what we can offer you.
  1. Each writer is recognized at the end of the article as the author along with a beautiful picture, link to their social profile accounts as well as a detailed biography.
  2. Great exposure to a huge growing traffic.
  3. Receive recognition and appreciation from our huge growing loyal readers.

Writing Guidelines for Authors

ViASTUDY always tries to stay at the top by providing easy to use guides on the web. The overall format of an article must be accurate and properly documented. We always recommend our following standard style format for all topics, but you can also feel free to recommend your writing style format based on topics that you cover.
  1. Quick topic introduction
  2. Announcement of newly released version with release date.
  3. Features of New Version
  4. Installation with Images
  5. Configuration with Images
  6. Usage with images and examples
  7. Debugging tips if any (optional)
  8. Conclusion
  9. Resources/links
  10. Ask feedback about topic via comments

How to Submit?

Write to us at, with subject “Writer Application” and include complete article (along with author bio and social profile links), your name, years of experience and location.
We will do a quick review of your submitted article and will reply you about your post status within next 1-2 days. Once your article is approved, it may take 2-3 days to get published depending upon the article queues. Once it is published, make sure to promote it on all your social profiles including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.
For any other questions, suggestions or feedbacks, we are always available at our email address and on our social profiles as follows.
  1. Facebook:
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  3. YouTube: ViASTUDY Community
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Note: We are not looking for a Guest Post submissions. All guest post submissions goes under /dev/null.

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