Create and Preview a structured data search app using Vertex AI Search

Structured data can be used to make website content more visible to search enegines. A structured data search app improves the discoverablity of website conetent and provides users with a more relavant seach experience.

Click the Search & Conversation logo to navigate back to the Apps page.

Click +NEW APP.

On the Create your new app page, make sure Search is selected, enter:


in the Your app name and Company Name fields, then click Continue.

On the Select a data store for your app page, click +CREATE NEW DATA STORE then select Cloud Storage as data source.

In the Import data from GCS pane, enter the following value:


This Cloud Storage bucket contains an NDJSON-formatted dataset of movies made available by Kaggle.

Select the JSON for structured data(Preview) radio option and then click CONTINUE.

On the Configure your data store page, in the Data store name field, enter:

Structured data

Then click CREATE.

On the data page for your app, click Structured data , and then click CREATE.


Note: Please wait until the documents import before proceeding. This process may take several minutes to complete.

Upon success you will see the Status column change to Succeeded and shown in status:

Import Completed

Click the DOCUMENTS tab to see the number of documents imported.

Click the Schema tab to see the auto-generated schema for your dataset. Notice that for auto-genared schemas all fields are retrievable, indexable, facetable and searchable.

Note: Click on the image to zoom further.

Preview the Movies search app and Configure the search results display

In the navigation menu, click Preview to test the search app.

In the search bar, enter:


Then press Enter to view the results.

Notice that the full schema is returned. Often times you will not need to display all of the items returned by the full schema. To customize the values to display, Vertex AI Search & Conversation allows you to configure only the values you want to display. You will see how this is achieved in the next steps.

In the navigation menu, click Configurations.

Open the Configure fields in results drop down and map fields in your data store to the attributes to be displayed in search results:

Key                                         Value
Title                                       title
Thumbnail                     poster_path
URL                             homepage
Tex 1                             tagline
Tex 2                             release_date


In the search bar under Preview write:

Harry Potter

And press Enter.


In this section you will review available methods of integrating configured search capabilities into your web or server based applications.


In the navigation menu, click Integration. The resulting landing page is for Web based integrations.

You will notice that you can copy and paste the provided HTML code snippet into a webpage to consume the search capability confgured in the previous sections.


Next, click on the API tab.

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