Create and Preview a website search app using Vertex AI Search

A website search app makes it easier for users to find the information they are looking for on your website.

Create a search engine and data store

Navigate to Search & Conversation in the left menu of Cloud console. If asked to enable APIs on the resulting page click the button to do so.

vertex ai search

On the resulting page. Click CREATE A NEW APP.

On the Create App page, make sure Search is selected, leave all settings as is and enter the following for the Your app name and Company Name fields:

Google Cloud docs

Click Continue.

On the Create a data store for your app page, click +CREATE NEW DATA STORE then select Website URLs as data source.

On the Specify the websites for your data store page, in the Sites to include field, enter:*

Click Continue.

On the Configure your data store page, in the Data store name field, enter:



On the data page, make sure Website is selected, and then click Create.

Preview the website search app

In the side panel, go to Preview, enter:

Document AI

Then press Enter.

Click the view icons to switch between mobile view and desktop view.

You created a search engine and a data store where you indexed a website and then performed a search across that website.

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