Generative AI with Vertex AI: Prompt Design


1. Vertex AI Workbench

In your Google Cloud project, navigate to Vertex AI Workbench. In the top search bar, enter Vertex AI Workbench of the Google Cloud console.

2. Open generative-ai folder
  1. Navigate to the generative-ai folder on the left hand side of the notebook.
  2. Navigate to the /language/prompts folder.
  3. Click on the intro_prompt_design.ipynb file
  4. Follow the steps in the notebook and run each cell one at a time.
3. Explore the notebooks
  1. In the file directory on the left-hand side, double click to open the folder language/prompts/examples/.
  2. Open any of the notebooks in the folder to explore the different use cases where prompt engineering can help generate the results desired from the PaLM API.
  3. After opening a notebook, run each cell one at a time to view the results of the operations in the notebook.

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