Friday, January 25, 2019

10 Most Common Bootstrap Mistakes that Developers make?

Intervention with Bootstrap:

Bootstrapping is a highly common and easy thing in the developer’s vocabulary. With the availability of numerous documentations and tutorials, bootstrap became one very easy task. But, still, developers make some seriously ambiguous and shallow mistakes. The mistakes that can be easily avoided by the developers and the mistakes can be easily rectified also.  Well, let’s take a good look at the common mistakes made by the developers in their haste.
#1. Not fully aware of the bootstrap framework.
The biggest mistake that numerous developers made that they don’t pay attention to the bootstrap frameworks. They don’t read bootstrap documents properly and made some silly mistake and later blame everything on bootstrap frameworks. Developers need to understand that bootstrap framework isn’t an enormous thing. Bootstrap comes bundled with basic HTML and CSS design templates that include many common UI components. So, you need to understand bootstrap framework first of all.
#2. No need to learn CSS.  
Well, if you are wondering that after knowing bootstrap you don’t need to know CSS and HTML. Then my friend you are wrong as to perform best you must know CSS and HTML along with bootstrap.
#3. Don’t touch bootstrap CSS file.
Okay, guys don’t try to be smart and don’t make any changes in the original bootstrap CSS file. As this smartness will create the biggest mess that will become difficult to control later on.  
#4. Be selective.
Bootstrap is a very functional and offers numerous features. Bootstrap offers UI components, HTML and CSS design templates, and JavaScript plugins. But, guys don’t get amazed by all these features and be little selective and choose only a few features.
#5. Use modal prompt smartly.
Bootstrap modal prompt is very functional and flexible, but belittle smart while using these modals. As not using modal prompt properly may cause some mistakes.
#6. No upload button.
Well, bootstrap doesn’t have designated component for a file upload button. But, using simple CSS and HTML coding can sort this problem.
#7. Overloading with the JavaScript.
If you are not good at coding, then don’t overlap JavaScript coding as you can easily survive with HTML and CSS. Because using too much Java coding might create chaos in your coding and that can be easily avoided. So, don’t overlap on JavaScript.
#8. Adopt bootstrap tools.
Well, every person makes mistakes, but using the right technique and tool these mistakes can be easily rectified. Such as using  Bootlint, an HTML linting tool for Bootstrap projects. Bootlint can be used either in-browser or from the command line via Node.js, and it will automatically check Bootstrapped webpages.
#9. Older browser versions.
Bootstrap is designed to work properly on the latest web browsers, so if you are still using older desktop version, then this might cause an issue for you. For better bootstrap performance work on the latest desktop version of web browser.
#10. Practice Practice Practice.
You might have numerous bootstrap related questions and problems, but the solution for each problem is practicing. Bootstrap is easy, but it doesn’t mean that you can master in it without any practice. So, practice a lot and nourish your skills more.


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