Commonly used abbreviations & acronyms

What is an abbreviation?

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a written word or phrase. Abbreviations may be used to save space and time, to avoid repetition of long words and phrases, or simply to conform to conventional usage.

List 1:

Common Abbreviations

ASAP   As Soon As Possible
CC     Carbon Copy 
EOD    End of Day 
EOW    End of Week
FYI    For Your Information 
IIRC   If I Recall Correctly 
IMO    In My Opinion
NRN    No Reply Necessary
OOO    Out of Office
PM     Project Manager
PTAL   Please Take a Look
R&D    Research and Development 
RTFM   Read the F***ing Manual 
TBA    To Be Announced

TBD    To Be Determined

List 2:

Abbreviations used by Developers

DEV          Development Environment
SIT            System Integration Testing
UAT          User Acceptance Testing
QA            Quality Assurance
STAGING Staging Environment
PROD         Production Environment
CI                 Continuous Integration
CD             Continuous Deployment
SCM         Source Control Management
DB             Database
API             Application Programming Interface
UI             User Interface
UX             User Experience
SDK         Software Development Kit
IDE         Integrated Development Environment
VCS         Version Control System
FQDN     Fully Qualified Domain Name
JVM         Java Virtual Machine
OS         Operating System
OOP     Object Oriented Programming.

List 3:

Abbreviations used by DevOps

AWS     Amazon Web Services
AZ         Availability Zone
CF         CloudFormation
CD         Continuous Deployment
CI         Continuous Integration
DNS     Domain Name System
ELB     Elastic Load Balancer
IAM     Identity and Access Management
IaC     Infrastructure as Code
K8s     Kubernetes
LB         Load Balancer
PaaS     Platform as a Service
S3      Simple Storage Service
SG     Security Group
VPC  Virtual Private Cloud
YAML Ain't Markup Language
SLA     Service Level Agreement
RBAC  Role-Based Access Control
PII       Personally Identifiable Information

List 4:

Abbreviations used by QA

TC     Test Case
TP     Test Plan
TS     Test Suite
TD     Test Data
TR     Test Result
BA     Business Analyst
PM     Project Manager
SME  Subject Matter Expert
DB     Database
API     Application Programming Interface
UAT     User Acceptance Testing
ISTQB International Software Testing Qualifications Board
STLC   Software Testing Life Cycle
SDET   Software Development Engineer in Test
CI         Continuous Integration
CD         Continuous Deployment
CI/CD    Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
BDD       Behavior Driven Development
TDD      Test Driven Development
FTR       First Time Right

List 5:

Abbreviations used by PM

PM     Project Manager or Program Manager
PMO  Project Management Office
PMP   Project Management Professional
PMI    Project Management Institute
SOW  Statement of Work
ROI    Return on Investment
KPI     Key Performance Indicator
SLA     Service Level Agreement
RACI   Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
RAID    Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies
EAC    Estimate At Completion
ETC    Estimate To Complete
CPI     Cost Performance Index
SPI     Schedule Performance Index
CCB   Change Control Board
WBS   Work Breakdown Structure
MS      Milestone
PMBOK  Project Management Body of Knowledge
PERT       Program Evaluation and Review Technique
Gantt         Gantt Chart

List 6:

Abbreviations used by Startups

MVP         Minimum Viable Product
CAC         Customer Acquisition Cost
LTV          Lifetime Value
CPA          Cost Per Acquisition
CTR         Click Through Rate
FOMO     Fear Of Missing Out
SDK         Software Development Kit
NPS          Net Promoter Score
ARPU      Average Revenue Per User
ARPA     Average Revenue Per Account
CR          Conversion Rate
MRR      Monthly Recurring Revenue
ARR       Annual Recurring Revenue
churn rate     Rate at which customers leave a product over time
runway         Amount of time a startup has before it runs out of money
burn rate     Rate at which a startup is spending money
seed round     First round of funding for a startup
series              Subsequent rounds of funding
pivot                Significant change in a startup's business model

List 7:

Abbreviations used by Influencers

DM         Direct Message
UGC      User Generated Content
CTA        Call to Action
ETA         Estimated Time of Arrival
TBT         Throwback Thursday
OOTD     Outfit Of The Day
FOMO     Fear Of Missing Out
TGIF         Thank God It's Friday
IIRC         If I Recall Correctly
IMHO     In My Humble Opinion
TBH         To Be Honest
FWIW     For What It's Worth
ICYMI     In Case You Missed It
SMH         Shaking My Head
BRB         Be Right Back
BTS          Behind The Scenes
OOTN     Outfit Of The Night
LOL         Laugh Out Loud
OMG       Oh My God
WIP         Work In Progress

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