What is CBS.log? How to read CBS.log file in Windows 10

 You may stumble upon an error in Windows 10 when Windows Update or System File Checker fails Such errors are stored, inter alia, in the CBS.log file. In this article, we are going to see what is CBS.log, its location, and how to view a CBS.log file in Windows 10.

What is CBS.log file in Windows 10

CBS or Component-Based Servicing is a file that has logs about the installed and uninstalled Windows Update component. So, information of your Windows Update is stored in these log files, even the System File Checker (SFC) writes to CBS.log.

CBS.log file location

CBS.log file will always be present on your Windows computer. If you are curious and want to check the file, launch File Explorer (Win + E), and navigate to the following location.

Can I delete CBS.log file?

CBS.log file is essential to your computer as every time you install a new Windows Update, it writes to the CBS.log file. However, if you think it is eating a huge chunk out of your Hard Drive, you can delete it as it won’t have an adverse effect on your computer.

Before doing that, make sure to disable the Windows Update service from Services (that you can launch from the Start Menu).

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