How to Start a Gaming Café in India ?

The idea behind each gaming café is to resemble a casino or an amusement park. Keep your players inside and make them as comfortable as possible. When we talk about the cost, it varies depending on many factors like hardware, gaming gear (chairs, mice, desks, keyboards), interior design, amenities and more. An average 10 PC setup for an averagea gaming café in India with high-end execution, you will need to invest about ₹272 000. Here are the main steps to open a gaming café in India:

Step1: Research the market and other gaming cafes around your location.

Step2: Find out what documents you need and apply them correctly according to the government’s                         requirements.

Step3: Approach brands for sponsorship or partnerships.

Step4: By their services. After that, they will take care of marketing and commercial.

Step5: By rugged and long-lasting hardware. You can use system integrator to save time.

Make sure you open an eSports café in India not relying solely on an impulse regarding the computer sets. Don’t go for PC units just because they are affordable. Keep the lag out of your gaming café and welcome players with a proper internet connection. When the time for hiring staff comes, look for friendly people with technical knowledge. Your job is not done yet. Always keep an eye on the new and trendy gaming titles. Players may see the connection with a favourite gaming team or decide to prepare for an upcoming Indian eSports tournament. It is great to have some popular gameplays at your eSports café in Bangalore or anywhere else in India.

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