8 Best jQuery Table Plugins

  •  Dynatable
  • Bootstrap Table
  • DataTables
  • JSON To Bootstrap Table
  • TinyTable - jQuery Table Plugin

Best Free jQuery Table Plugins
Here, I have collected for you 10 best open source jQuery table plugin solutions that you can execute on your own your web pages, I hope this would help you and you would like them! Let’s dive into directly the post and figure out the best jQuery table plugins.

Dynatable is a funner, semantic, interactive table plugin using jQuery, HTML5, and JSON. And it's not just for tables.
CSS is still largely popular and Bootstrap is right up there as one of the leading CSS frameworks. The Bootstrap table plugin is a feature-rich and lightweight table plugin that provides you all the features you need to perform minimal dev work.
jQuery Table Sorter is a jQuery table plugin which makes HTML table with THEAD TBODY tags into a sortable without any page refreshes. 
This is an extensive plugin that provides you an additional functionality for creating any tables such as sorting, filtering, pagination, and custom theming. The plugin is different than others and it offers a comprehensive amount of documentation so that you can master over your table creation.
Sortable is one of the most prominent jQuery plugins that basically works for sorting tables. If you want to add any sorting functionality you just need to add this jQuery plugin and everything will be done! ?
This is a free jQuery plugin which is to use a responsive table view with maintaining the quality screen resolutions. It’s still a challenge for the developers to maintain a responsive table design with the proper screening resolution.
Tablesorter jQuery plugin is a free plugin that is used to turns a standard HTML table into a nice sortable table. The good part of the plugin is it doesn’t need to reload the page while sorting the table. The plugin can sort and parse easily many types of data including linked data in a cell.
FooTable is a jQuery plugin that makes the plain HTML table responsive. The plugin is built-in jQuery and basically works with Bootstrap. This is a smart plugin that makes your tables smarter than ever.
In the practical cases, there are so many ways you can add the tables on your site, it depends on you what types of plugins you want to use in which platform. You may be a non-WordPress user or you may be one.

If you are a non-WordPress one, you can use any one of then mentioned above on the list. Or if you are a WordPress user, I would strongly suggest you go for Ninja Tables without a second doubt.

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