10 Software development job interview questions every IT professional must know


Are you planning to get hired for software development in a top-notch company? Are you all set to clear the interview?
With regards to clearing the specialized meeting, it is presently pretty much as simple as one would feel. Regardless of whether it is for the accomplished experts or freshers barely out of the school, it requires having a decent comprehension of the work job and being ready for what is coming for them in a meeting. The applicant should know about the information construction and calculations that can give him/her a superior thought while going head into the meeting.
However, the interview can’t be automated since it might be a huge loss of an opportunity. The candidate must have some help from the assessments before hopping into the interview but doesn’t depend upon them.

Here are a few such interview questions that the software developers must be aware of while diving into the interview.

1. What do you know about design patterns?

2. Explain SOLID Programming.

3. What do you mean by SQL join and how can you use it?

4. Explain async programming and its working.

5. What does Micro Services architecture do?

6. What is the major role of DevOps and its elements in the environment?

7. What are the caching types for Web APIs?

8. How can you set up a DevOps environment using the Azure instance?

9. What is the purpose of Dependency Injection?

10. Give us an example of the palindrome method implementation of a programming language.


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