Why You Should Study Discrete Mathematics as a Software Engineer ?

Numerous youthful designers study software engineering on the web without help from anyone else. They've caught wind of numerous subjects that they need to cover like calculations, information designs, data sets, and some more. Nonetheless, a couple have found out about discrete math — despite the fact that it is the foundation of software engineering.

In this article, I will disclose to you why you need to think about examining discrete math. On the whole, let me reveal to you a little about it.

Discrete math isn't a kind of persistent math like analytics, which we burn through the majority of our school years contemplating. Continous math considers objects (for example genuine numbers) that shift easily. In the mean time, discrete science examines articles like numbers, diagrams, and articulations in rationale that don't fluctuate easily. So it incorporates many intriguing subjects like likelihood, set hypothesis, rationale, calculations, substantially more.

So why do you need to start studying discrete mathematics today?

1. Discrete Math Is the Mathematics of Computing

Computer science is almost built on discrete mathematics (e.g. combinatorics and graph theory). So understanding discrete mathematics will help you understand all the fundamentals of computing. It will let you think like a computer and know how everything works.

2. It Helps You Understand All the Other Subjects You Are Trying To Learn

Have any of you tried to take an algorithms course and felt bad about how you didn’t understand anything? If you had studied discrete mathematics, you would have understood algorithms more easily.

Discrete mathematics is a vital prerequisite to learning algorithms, as it covers probabilities, trees, graphs, logic, mathematical thinking, and much more. It simply explains them, so once you get those basic topics, it is easier to dig into algorithms.

The same thing applies to topics like:

The graph theory (used in networks, operating systems, and compilers)

The set theory (used in software engineering and databases)

The probability theory (used in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and networking)

These are just a few examples. Can you imagine how discrete mathematics makes learning almost every other subject you need in computer science easier?

3. Discrete Mathematics Solves Real-World Problems

Unlike continuous mathematics, discrete mathematics applications in the real world are always linked to real-world applications. It is very interesting to study, understand, and apply discrete mathematics to challenging real-world problems.

4. Mathematical Reasoning and Proofs Are Just Fascinating

Personally, the most interesting thing in discrete mathematics was learning mathematical reasoning and proofs. I remember my first assignment in discrete mathematics class. We had a dialogue between two people and I had to decide who was the liar using formulas!

Studying mathematical reasoning is not just interesting but also a great way to increase creative mathematical thinking. It helps in your personal life as much as your output as a software developer.

I bet this part of discrete mathematics will help you be smarter. It will not only help you create logical solutions to problems we face in coding but also understand when to decide that something is logical in the first place.

5. Discrete Mathematics Is Easy To Understand

Unlike continuous mathematics, discrete mathematics is easier to understand. I wonder why they never focus on it in school. It also provides us with a deep understanding of the basic unit of mathematics — numbers. It is fun to read and learn. The only prerequisite to learning discrete mathematics is basic abstract algebra. Discrete mathematics already contains sets, relations, trees, graphs, and Boolean algebra.

6. It Offers Solutions to Many Daily Problems We Face in Daily Projects

In discrete mathematics, you will find answers to questions like:

How can you identify a spam message?

How many ways are there to choose a valid password?

How many steps are needed to sort a list using a given method?

How can we prove our algorithm is more efficient than another?

All of these problems can be solved by a few equations — not opinions! It is quite funny how many of us waste our time solving problems that are already covered by discrete mathematics.

7. It Enhances Your Problem-Solving Skills

Isn’t computer science about problem-solving? The way this subject focuses on real-world problems, mathematical reasoning, and proofs helps you to build your problem-solving skills from scratch. Most textbooks introduced in this topic have many Q&A sections so that you can practice every basic idea until you master it.

8. It Gives You an Introduction to Nearly Everything in Computing

Pick any discrete mathematics book and you will be fascinated by the list of topics mentioned in its table of contents. As mentioned earlier, discrete mathematics helps you understand topics from scratch up to the advanced concepts that we use daily in computing. It covers the introduction and basics of many topics like combinatorics, set theory, graph theory, logic, counting, and algorithms. It is a great introduction to the problems you will face in computer science.

So even if you don’t have the time to take every single class that undergraduate students do in university, you will know the basics and can dig deeper in the future if needed.

9. It Increases the Clarity of Your Solutions

Have you ever had a solution to a problem and the code described the solution well or formally? Discrete mathematics helps you approach most problems in a very rational, formal way. It helps you analyze the problem in a scientific manner— not just based on intuition or opinion — and brings a lot of clarity.

10. Most Universities Provide an Undergraduate Course for It

As most universities provide an undergraduate-level course on discrete mathematics, it will be very easy to find an online course on the topic. You will find many good textbooks and student guides online as well. You are not trying to study something new in this world. It has already been academically established and is easy to seek out.

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