What are the features provided by ASP.NET Core?

Following are the core features that are provided by the ASP.NET Core:
  • Built-in supports for Dependency Injection
  • Built-in supports for the logging framework and it can be extensible.
  • Introduced new, fast and cross-platform web server - Kestrel. So, a web application can run without IIS, Apache, and Nginx.
  • Multiple hosting ways are supported
  • It supports modularity, so the developer needs to include the module required by the application. However, .NET Core framework is also providing the meta package that includes the libraries
  • Command-line supports to create, build and run the application
  • There is no web.config file. We can store the custom configuration into an appsettings.json file
  • There is no Global.asax file. We can now register and use the services into startup class
  • It has good support for asynchronous programming
  • Support WebSocket and SignalR
  • Provide protection against CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)
Advantages of ASP.NET Core over ASP.NET:-

  • There are following advantages of ASP.NET Core over ASP.NET :
  • It is cross-platform, so it can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • There is no dependency on framework installation because all the required dependencies are ship with our application
  • ASP.NET Core can handle more request than the ASP.NET
  • Multiple deployment options available withASP.NET Core

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