Flutter vs React Native – Programming Language, Which One You Should Learn?


flutter vs react native

Flutter vs React Native – Programming Language

Flutter is built upon the Dart language, which was made by Google too. The language is considered a niche in the developer community but is in no way a tough language. If you have any experience with object-oriented programming, then learning Dart will be a cakewalk. A thorough guide, along with examples can be very easily found at the official documentation.

React Native, on the other hand, uses JavaScript as its base language. Over the years, JavaScript has gained immense popularity due to its easy learning curve and widespread usage. If someone is well versed with JavaScript, they can start developing applications using React Native without wasting much time getting accustomed to the framework.


React Native

Uses Dart

Uses JavaScript

Installation requires extra steps e.g. setting of PATH

Installed easily through NPM

Detailed and easy to follow documentation

Documentation lack a lot of vital information

Complete and independent architecture

Architecture depends on bridges resulting in poor performance

Rich in features and API has everything you need

Heavy reliability on third-party libraries

Productivity decreases with complexity

Encourages developer productivity

Smaller community than React

Huge and active community

Inbuilt testing support through modules

Testing is done through third-party applications

Release automation well documented

Release automation also dependent on third party applications

Inbuilt CI/CD support

Can be set up through third parties

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