Type of SSRS reports

Here, are types of reports which you can develop using SSRS tool.
Report Type NameDetail
Parameterized reportsThis type of report uses input values to complete report or data processing.
Linked ReportsA linked report offers a point to an existing report. This type of report is derived from an existing report and retains the original's report definition.
Snapshot reportsA snapshot report contains layout information and query results which can be retrieved at a specific point in time.
Cached ReportsThe cashed report allows you to create a copy of the processed reports. They are used to enhance the performance by reducing the number of processing requests and time to retrieve large reports.
Drill down ReportsDrill down reports helps you to hide complexity. It allows users toggle between hidden reports items to control how much detail data you want to see. It must retrieve all possible information that can be shown in the report.
Drillthrough ReportsDrillthrough reports are standard reports which can be accessed through a hyperlink on a text box in the original report. It works with the main report and is the target of a drill through an action for a report item like a placeholder text or a chart.
SubreportsAs the name suggests, sub-reports is a report which displays another report inside the body of the main report.

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