To Sign in Remotely, You Need the Right to Sign in Through Remote Desktop Service

When connecting to a Windows computer or server over the RDP, you may encounter an error:
To sign in remotely, you need the right to sign in through Remote Desktop Services. By default, members of the Administrators group have this right, or if the right has been removed from the Administrators group, you need to be granted this right manually.
A common user (non-administrator) can also connect to a computer via RDP if his account is added to the local group Remote Desktop Users (Members in this group are granted the right to logon remotely).
In the same lusrmgr.msc snap-in, check out these group members. If you have administrator privileges on this computer, you can add a user account to this group by clicking the Add button. Enter the name of the user or security group and click OK twice to save the change.
Due to this, the user will have the permission to remotely logon via Remote Desktop, but won’t have local administrator privileges on the computer.

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