Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How to Copy Database From One Server to Another Server in SQL ?

I have two servers, Server A and Server B.
Server A has database Test1 and I need to copy the same database to Server B.
Let us see step-by-step how to do it using the Configuration wizard.

  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio and connect to Server A.

  2. Right-click on the database and select Tasks and then Copy Database.

  3. Once you click on Copy Database then the following screen will appear.

  4. Click on "Next".

  5. Enter the Source server name (for example, Server A) and enter the Server Authentication mode and click on "Next".

  6. Enter the Destination server name and authentication and click on "Next".

  7. Now use the SQL Management Object method and click on "Next".

  8. Now under Select Databases you can see "Which databases would you like to move or copy"?. Let us select the Copy option and click on "Next". (If we select Move then the database will be moved to the next server).

  9. Now you can check the MDF and log file path on the destination machine.

  10. If you have any job or procedure in the master database then select, else click on "Next".

  11. Enter the log events if the copy fails. Here are two options: 1. System event view or 2. Local path. Now le us select the Windows event logs and click on "Next".

  12. Now select “Run immediately” if you want to run or schedule the run. Then click on "Next".

  13. Now Verify the options and click on Finish.

  14. Then you can see the progress of the status.

  15. After Success close the windows and refresh the Server B database node. Now you can see Test DB is there with all the data.
I hope this will help in copying a database.

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