Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Assess the situation

See where you stand with your boss. Ask these questions - what makes the boss unhappy, what are his difficult areas, is he like this with everybody or just with you and are you comfortable with rest of the leadership team except your boss? 

Identify the root cause

If it is all about anger management, identify what triggers your boss's breakdowns. It will help you avoid such situations and be at a safe level while dealing with him/her.

Always be one up

When you have a boss who is always complaining about deadlines and likes to micromanage things it is advisable to be one step ahead and not give him a chance to complain.

Make notes

Make sure you document your meetings and interactions with the boss so that you can refer back and also use them as proofs when he/she contradicts themselves.

Give it time

When caught in a conflicting situation with your boss you should always give due time for things to settle down. It makes sense to wait a little before confronting the situation head on.

Communication is the key

Most of us downplay the effectiveness of open communication, but it is always good to talk your heart out rather than sulk on your own. Communication is a two way process so you should be a patient listener also. This helps resolve most issues.

Work must go on

Whatever the situation is and no matter how bad your boss is, it should not affect your work. If it does, take necessary steps. Quitting the job is the last choice.

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