How are product teams organized ?

Behind every great product is a great product team. The product team is responsible for implementing strategy, building the roadmap, and defining product features. These are the people who choose what gets built, promote what is new, and measure performance — crucial organizational roles within any company.

No matter the products or offerings you are responsible for, delivering a complete product experience is what ultimately matters. Clear ownership and defined roles will help you deliver better results. This means you should structure your team to best support the goals you want to achieve.

Who makes up the product organization?

A product team is typically comprised of cross-functional teammates. They are responsible for product management, product marketing, user experience, and product analytics. Product teams may also be tasked with marketing, forecasting, and profit and loss (P&L) responsibilities.

The table below summarizes the roles and responsibilities of each function within a typical product organization: product management, user experience, and product analytics. It also includes product marketing roles and responsibilities. Product managers may do that work if there is no product marketing team at an organization.




Product management

  • Set the product vision and strategy
  • Plan and deliver releases
  • Collect and curate new ideas
  • Define new product features
  • Director of product management
  • Group product manager
  • Product owner
  • Product manager
  • Associate product manager

User experience (UX)

  • Conduct user research
  • Build user story maps
  • Create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes
  • Perform usability testing
  • Director of user experience
  • UX manager
  • Senior UX designer
  • UX designer
  • Product designer

Product analytics

  • Integrate data sources
  • Research market trends
  • Understand user journeys
  • Reveal user behaviors and pain points
  • Director of product analytics
  • Analytics manager
  • Senior product analyst
  • Product analyst
  • Business analyst

Product marketing

  • Research the competitive landscape
  • Define buyer personas
  • Create and coordinate launch plans
  • Craft positioning and messaging
  • Director of product marketing
  • Senior product marketing manager
  • Solutions marketing manager
  • Portfolio marketing manager

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