Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wildcard vs. MultiDomain vs. Standard SSL Certificates ?

Just a quick run down of SSL types and when I recommend using them.
Domain: * (
Can be used for any * and depending on the vendor In Apache, this can be used in any server or Vhost configuration block. To prevent errors, the domain being served must match the * pattern.
I recommend this SSL certificate if you have many (>5) domains using * For example, we have,, and others. We can secure all of these with 1 SSL certificate.
Some vendors provide multidomain SSL certificates. These can be used for multiple, unique domain names, e.g.,
These are required if you are serving multiple-domains from the same Vhost and do not want SSL errors. For example, with Wordpress Multi-site, you would need to use one of these certificates.
These are also good if you need SSL support to do redirects. For example if you want to redirect: -> within the same Vhost configuration.
Lastly, these can simplify management if having dozens of domains. It is easier to keep track of a single cert than 50.
Standard SSL Certificates
Domain: (
Good for a single domain. Some vendors may include and
Recommended when a single domain requiring SSL is served from a Vhost or server.

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